Muscovy Breeder's Map
The MDC Breeder's Map was created to provide a central location where owners & buyers of Muscovy ducks can sell/find birds.  
The purpose is to help owners sell excess birds/eggs as well as help buyers find the birds they're looking for without having to
spend a lot of time searching online.  Individuals can search for listings of individuals who live in their general geographical area
which is great because not only are you supporting local families, it will potentially save the buyer money by not having to have
birds shipped.

If you're interested in having a listing on the map please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.  I ask that you fill out the form
in its entirety.  The more information you provide, the better listing I can create.  If you'd like a photo included with your listing you
will have to Email that separately, which can be done by clicking on the Email button below the form.  All submissions must
contain a city or town within 25 miles +/- for pin placement.  If you find out-of-date or inaccurate listings, please Email me and let
me know so I can make corrections.

I received this Email recently from an individual who has a listing for his rescue on the map,
"I think your service is wonderful, and
I thank you so very much.  We have been able to get about 50 ducks new homes as far north as Maryland and west to New Mexico.
None of this would be possible without you."
 That is the reason I created the map and I'm tickled that it is proving to be a useful

Please help spread the word!  If you have a personal website, please add the Breeder's Map to your favorite links!   

If you have submitted a listing and it is not on the map in a timely manner (2 weeks) please Email me with the information
contained in the ad so I can investigate.

Please Email with any questions!  
Welcome to the
If you are an owner/breeder of Muscovy ducks and would like to have a pin on the
Muscovy Breeder's Map, please fill out the form below.  The more information you
provide the more thorough the listing.  If you would like to have a photo included
with your listing, please Email the photo using the Email button below.  Be sure to
state exactly which listing the photo is to be associated with.  Sorry, submissions
that do not provide sufficient information or have a negative tone will not be listed.

Sorry, I do not post ads for individual birds for sale on the map, only general listings
for those who have birds available for sale at various times throughout the year.  
Your name:
Farm name:
The Bio is where you include information about your birds (such as varieties) the
manner in which they are raised (i.e. free-range, organic, natural, etc.) what & when
you have birds for sale, whether you ship or require pick up, etc.  Essentially this is
where you want to 'advertise' your birds.

Photo to follow?
Click on the button below to Email the photo
you'd like included with your listing.
Check for listings by using the Map provided below or click HERE to
be taken to the Google Maps webpage which offers additional features.
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