Muscovy Duck Central
The information I have accumulated throughout the years I've been raising and researching these birds can
be found throughout the pages here as well as the
Muscovy Duck Forum.  If you're interested in learning
more or willing to share your Muscovy expertise, please stop on by & take a moment to join.  We'd love to
have you!

New to MDC in 2008 was the
Muscovy Breeder's Map hosted by Google Maps.  This map is a tool
designed to allow potential buyers to find owners of Muscovy as close to home as possible.  This serves
several purposes.  The most important, I feel, is the impact it has on the birds.  Shipping can be quite
stressful on birds & while it's rare, there are horror stories of birds being lost in transit!  Not only does it
mean less stress for the birds, but it also means less fuel is being used in the transportation of the birds, the
cost of the bird is reduced due to savings on postage, and the proceeds go to support an individual rather
than a corporation.  You also have the option to pick the bird up at your convenience, rather than having
to deal with weather and temperature delays, etc.  All great things, in my book!

In addition to the map hosted on this site, you can also visit the Muscovy Breeder's Map by going directly
Google Maps and typing Muscovy Breeder's Map in the search bar.  While this is more work initially,
the Google Maps site provides several features you cannot find here on our Breeder's Map page making it
more customizable.
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Are you a Muscovy owner?  We're looking for you!  The Muscovy Breeder's map was created
to help buyers & sellers connect.  If you'd like a listing on the map, please click
HERE and
fill out the form at the bottom of the page.  Email with any questions!
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Muscovy Duck Central is a project I began in early 2006 in
an effort to build a community where individuals who share
a passion for Muscovy can meet and interact online.  My
goal is to be the most comprehensive website on the Internet
geared towards the various aspects of owning, raising, and
promoting the Muscovy duck!
Carolina Waterfowl Rescue has a
large number of recent, legally
rescued Muscovy in desperate need
of homes!
Neither Muscovy Duck Central, nor the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue condones the theft
of personal property under any circumstance; nor is MDC or the Carolina Waterfowl
Rescue Organization associated with Austin Corley and his alleged theft of ducks and
geese in southern Florida!
Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is a federally licensed migratory bird rehabilitation facility that
rescues and rehabilitates injured, unwanted, and feral waterfowl.  Working with a network of
volunteers and Avian Veterinarians they insure that these birds get the care and attention they need
while trying to place domestics in good homes or returning wild birds to their natural habitat.  

Currently the Rescue is working on saving a large population of feral Muscovy from a city that in the
past has rounded them up and killed them.  In an agreement with the city, Carolina Waterfowl
Rescue is attempting to reduce an unmanageable number of birds in local neighborhoods and are
expecting to have approximately 300 birds enter their facility as they're caught and removed from the
various neighborhoods where the birds currently reside.  These birds are going to need good homes
where they can be well cared for and enjoy the remainder of their days.
Birds adopted from Carolina Waterfowl Rescue are not
allowed to be eaten or otherwise killed nor are they
allowed to be bred for the production of table-fare birds.  
They can be used as insect control, yard ornaments, egg
layers for table fare eggs, or for personal enjoyment.  
Individuals interested in adopting must have property
adequate to house & shelter the adopted Muscovy that
will prevent them from returning to their current feral
state and adopters must maintain 'ownership' of the birds
and be able to provide for their care.  They cannot be
released back into a public neighborhood or pond to
return to a feral state.  Ownership can be transferred to
another individual provided that they, too, have adequate
property/facilities to own the birds.
All birds rescued by Carolina Waterfowl Rescue
are captured, managed, and maintained
humanely with utmost care for their well-being!
Thanks to the donations of a number of organizations and individuals the standard adoption fee is
being waved but donations would be greatly appreciated as the monetary needs of a Rescue are

For more information, please visit the
Carolina Waterfowl Rescue website.
Emails can be sent by clicking on the logo below.